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Enjoy the best of New England Attractions and New England Lodgings. This is a Vacation Place Like No Other...

New England is accessible and easy to tour, either on the interstate highways or scenic back roads. New Englanders are somewhat spoiled by the relative shortness of distances between the six states, something that astonishes outsiders. In many parts of the country you can drive for hours, remain in the same state and view an unchanging landscape. Here you can leave Boston and drive through the New Hampshire Seacoast into Maine in less than one hour. Or you can take a summer swim in the ocean in New Hampshire or Maine, then drive two hours to the peak of Mount Washington, where you might be shaking snow off your shoes.

This is New England. The scenery changes from sand dunes, to mountains, to lakes, ocean and skyscrapers, but the people are welcoming throughout. Whichever state you travel in, the natural beauty and excitement of New England make it a year round adventure. Discover all that New England has to offer by clicking on the state that interests you.

Discover Massachusetts
Massachusetts, the 'Bay State' offers something for every visitor — the beaches, mountains, historic sites, colleges, big cities, small towns and much more. Go>

Discover New Hampshire
New Hampshire, the 'Granite State' provides visitors with a vibrant seacoast, vast lakes, beautiful mountains (featuring Mount Washington, the highest peak in the northeast), tax-free shopping, and much more. Go>

Discover Maine
Maine, the 'Pine Tree State' is a state of mind as much as it is a state of the union. It's also larger than all the other New England states combined. Maine offers visitors a range of all-season vacation experiences not found anywhere else in the country. Go>

Discover Vermont
Vermont, the 'Green Mountain State' is a beautiful, unspoiled state characterized by small New England villages, farms and covered bridges, all surrounded by the vast Green Mountains. Villages, rivers, forests, mountains and valleys are just the beginning. Go>

Discover Rhode Island
Rhode Island, the 'Ocean State' is the smallest state in America but it has over 400 miles of seacoast. In addition, "Little Rhody", as it's known to Rhode Islanders, offers visitors the modern, newly energized capital city of Providence, the gentile summer playground of Newport, and more. Go>

Discover Connecticut
Connecticut, the 'Constitution State' is the first New England state reached by millions of visitors annually coming by car from the south. With each passing year, more tourists are stopping to explore, instead of simply driving through to other New England states. And with good reason — Connecticut is a combination of accessible small cities, seacoast charm and rural New England beauty.  Go>

Welcome | Info Booth | Find Lodging | Find Attractions | About This Site
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